Statement of Registration n*2677

Republic Of Lebanon
Ministry of Interior and Municipalities
Statement of Registration n*2677

15 December 2016
Foundation of the Association under the name:
“The Anti-Porn Association”
Located: Ajaltoun- Kesserouan

Minister of Interior and Municipalities
• Pursuant to Decree n* 11217 on 15/2/2014 and based on the Laws of Associations issued on the 3rd of August 1909 principally Article Six of it.
• Based on the Circular n*10/a.m./2006 on 19/5/2006 and its modifications n*15/a.m./2008 on 12/9/2008
• Based on the notice submitted to the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities from the founders of the Association known by: “The Anti-Porn Association” registered at the Common Administrative Directorate under n*4693 on 9/3/2016 based on the suggestion of the General Director of Political Affairs and Refugees.

To be decided:
Article One:
The Ministry of Interior and Municipalities has been noticed concerning the establishment of the Association known by: “The Anti-Porn Association”
Location: Ajaltoun- Abdo Karam Building- Real Estate n*2068-Section n*15- St.Georges Hospital Street- Second Floor- Kesserouan.
1- Psychological Support
2- Protecting adolescent individuals from the addiction to pornography
3- Supporting people’s right by protecting them from the negative effects cause by pornography
4- Public awareness from the effects and damages caused by pornography
5- Exposing the danger of pornography addiction leading to marital, personal and social problems as well as the derivation towards rape, sexual harassement of children and the abuse of women and individuals.
6- Collaborating with other associations following up cases of sexual abuse linked to pornography addiction and rehabilitating them.
7- Setting up educational seminars in schools, universities and Civil Society centers to increase awareness.
8- Communicating with religious and official references to organize and activate the work of the association once in need
The clauses mentioned above are to be executed accordingly to the rules and applicable regulations after the approval of the concerned authorities

Representative Assembly to the Government: Mr. David Jean ABI KHALIL

Article Two:
The constituent commission must complete establishing procedures and call to an election of an administrative organization within one year of the publication of the statement of registration in the Official Gazette.
Article Three:
To the indicated association to proceed in front of the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities during the first month holding a list of the names of its members and a copy of its annual budget and its former calculated hyperbolic otherwise it would be mandatory to apply the provisions of the published law by the Decree n*10830 on 9/10/1962 and its modifications.
Article Four:
This Statement of Registration is to be announced once in need

Beirut, 15th December 2016
Minister of Interior and Municipalities
General Directorate of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers
Ministry of Social Affairs
Ministry of Information
General Directorate of Political Affairs and Refugees (Complete File)
General Directorate of General Security
Governorate of Mount Lebanon
Concerned individuals
Official Gazette