About The Anti Porn Association

The Anti-Porn Association is a non-governmental organization with humanitarian and social purpose.

It comprehends a large group of social workers, licensed psychotherapists, and certified clinical hypnotherapists aiming to increase Awareness of the negative effects of Porn on teens and married couples, leading in many cases the porn addict to neglect real love relationships and intimacy with partner and eventually to a failed relationship.

Association’s mission is to promote Porn awareness of how pornography leads to physical damage including erectile dysfunction as well as psychological damage like failed intimate relationships and marriage life, and threatens society as a whole particularly youth. Moreover, in the last stage of addiction to Pornography, the addict experiences a manifestation of rape, sexual crime, or child abuse by implementing forceful sex on male or female ( or both) due to uncontrollably imitating the images observed in Porn videos or pictures over time that were stored in the subconscious mind. There is a solution to Pornography addiction through accurate treatment therefore our mission is to reflect that prevention is the best cure for a healthier society and youth. However, Intervention treatment helps the porn addict to be free of the addiction and live a normal life again.

Porn Addiction with Dr.David Abou Khalil.

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